What Potential Assisted Living Residents Look For Before Choosing a Facility independence

What Potential Assisted Living Residents Look For Before Choosing a Facility independence

As someone looking to open an assisted living facility, it’s important to have things that will attract residents. There are specific things that assisted living residents look for before they decide which facility will work best for their needs.

Below we’re going to detail some factors that your assisted living facility needs to offer to residents to increase the number of people that choose to live there.

Various Daily Activities

One of the nursing home benefits that residents look at before moving into an assisted living facility is the activities provided by the facility. Remember, people want to remain as independent as possible. Therefore, the activities your facility provides should reflect that.

The calendar should be full of activities such as trips to the grocery store, movie nights for residents, and various other excursions that encourage residents to be social and interact with others.

Activities should promote a sense of community and encourage those who once lived alone to nurture new relationships with other residents and the staff.

Spacious Living Areas

The transition from living in a home to a room is a lot for most people. Therefore you want to ensure that the rooms available for residents in your assisted living facilities are spacious and give the residents a sense of being home.

You’ll want to carefully choose floor plans that are open and allow residents to move about the space freely. Your facility should offer rooms that differ in size and price range to fit anyone’s budget.

Fair Prices

The largest factor that helps people decide to move into your facility or not is the price. Although residents will be living their year-round, that doesn’t mean they want to run out of funds to pay for their living accommodations in the first month.

Create packages that appeal to residents of all earning levels. These packages should detail what’s included and other fees that might need to be taken care of.

For example, someone that is total care versus someone that is mostly independent would not pay the same monthly fee because they don’t require the same levels of care. The more care someone requires from your staff, the higher the price will be for them.

Facility Cleanliness Standards

No one wants to live in a place that isn’t clean or organized. Ensure that your staff is trained to follow the proper cleaning procedures regularly.

Residents’ rooms should be cleaned daily, and they should have a schedule for the days that their laundry will be done. If your facility isn’t upholding cleaning standards, someone might likely look for another facility.

The cleanliness of your facility shows that residents are prioritized over anything else, and your staff is doing what they should to make residents feel comfortable and at home.

Daily Meals

Nothing is appealing about having the same meals over and over each week. Potential residents will want to inquire about the meals provided to residents in your facility.

Can their order be personalized? What times are meals delivered? Do residents have to eat in the dining area?

These are a few of the questions that a potential resident may have when asking about food. Ensure that your facility provides residents several options to choose from.

Your kitchen should also be able to accommodate special instructions for residents that have specific dietary issues. These dietary requirements must be followed to ensure the continued health of residents.

Before someone moves in, there should be a review of their dietary needs to ensure that they are met during each meal. Meeting needs like these for residents increases their satisfaction with the facility.

Staff Experience

Potential residents are going to want to see how the staff interacts with other residents. They’ll want to observe how the staff handles the hustle and bustle of an assisted living facility and take note of those that appear to be overworked.

When staff is overworked, it increases the likelihood of mistakes being made. Older people don’t want to feel like a burden to people. Therefore your staff should always approach residents with care.

Ensure that every so often, your staff goes through a refresher course on the proper techniques and procedures that they should adhere to at all times in the facility. Failure to do so could cause the facility to face heavy penalties or other legal issues should one of HIPPA’s rules be violated.

Being in compliance at all times is essential. There are companies out there that can work with your facility to ensure you remain within compliance regulations no matter what.

Resident Happiness

The last thing that people will look for before deciding to move into your facility is the residents’ satisfaction level. Residents that appear to be thriving and happy are the best marketers for your facility.

People want to know that just because they’re moving into a place that provides them more help with activities of daily living, they don’t have to sacrifice their happiness. Your facility should strive to always improve the quality of life for all residents that reside there.

Attracting Assisted Living Residents 101

Several things assisted living residents look for in a facility before beginning their transition. The first thing they might consider is the amount that they will pay to live there.

They also want to know that your staff is caring and has the proper training needed to take care of them. If you need help advertising your facility, contact Nursing More.

We can help you increase the number of residents you have in your facility. With Nursing More, we strive to help facilities like you create a suitable place for everyone and feel like home for all residents.

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